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Kinesis Data Stream as Lambda Trigger in AWS CloudFormation

This AWS CloudFormation YAML template demonstrates how a Kinesis Data Stream stream can be implemented as Lambda Trigger in AWS CloudFormation.

Simply deploy the following template via the AWS CloudFormation console. In the designer the template looks like this: Kinesis Data Stream Lambda CloudFormation Designer


Now we can gather the stream name from the CloudFormation stack outputs section and send a test event using the AWS CLI:

AWS CloudFormation Console Outputs

  aws kinesis put-record --stream-name <value> --data <value> --partition-key <value>

CLI Reference: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/reference/kinesis/put-record.html

The output should look like this:

AWS CLI Kinesis put-record

Now you can check in the Lambda Console if the Lambda has been invoked and what has been written to the logs. AWS Lambda Monitoring AWS Lambda Monitoring

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