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Use GitHub source in AWS CodeBuild Project using AWS CloudFormation

AWS CodeBuild with GitHub in North Virigina

I wanted to create an AWS CodeBuild project using AWS CloudFormation, which checks out its sources from GitHub and is triggered via GitHub Webhooks. From these sources, a Node.js application should be built using a self-created docker image stored in ECR (Elastic Container Registry).

Therefore I defined the following template:

At the first try the stack creation failed with the following error message:

No Access token found, please visit AWS CodeBuild console to connect to GitHub (Service: AWSCodeBuild; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidInputException; Request ID: ab458603-6fd4-11e8-9310-ff116e0423f9)

To get rid of this error message it’s necessary to set up the AWS OAuth application to have access to your repositories.

Therefore you have to navigate to the AWS CodeBuild console, create a project and select GitHub as source provider. The project does not need to be saved, it is only important to connect to GitHub.

AWS CodeBuild GitHub AWS CodeBuild GitHub

The next time I tried to deploy the CloudFormation stack, the error message did not appear and the CodeBuild project was created successfully.

CloudFormation CodeBuild CloudFormation CodeBuild

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Delete a release tag on GitHub

Everyone knows how easy it is to create a release on GitHub but how can you revoke it?

This can be implemented quite easily in just a few steps:

git tag -d 1.0.0
git push origin :refs/tags/1.0.0

The first command deletes the respective tag locally, the second pushes it to GitHub. Afterwards the release, which is now marked as “Draft”, can be deleted via the GitHub UI.

revoke release on GitHub

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