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AWS CloudFormation conditional arrays

Sometimes in CloudFormation a Parameter requires an array, and often an array of variable size is required, determined for example by input parameters. For instance AWS::AmazonMQ::Broker were you need to define an array of SubnetIds. In which either if SINGLE_INSTANCE is selected or if ACTIVE_STANDBY_MULTI_AZ is selected, several ids must be specified.

Using the notation proposed in the documentation this cannot be achieved:

        -  !Ref PrivSubnetA
        -  !If [ DeployAmqMultiAzCondition, !Ref PrivSubnetB, ]

But the problem can be solved as follows:

SubnetIds: !If [ DeployAmqMultiAzCondition, [ !Ref PrivSubnetA, !Ref PrivSubnetB ],  [ !Ref PrivSubnetA ]]