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Define ApiGateway, Lambda and DynamoDB using AWS CDK

AWS CDK VSCode AWS has released a developer preview of AWS CDK during re:Invent 2018. A detailed description and the release informations can be found here: AWS CDK Developer Preview. AWS CDK offers the possibility to define Infrastructure as Code in different programming languages, based on CloudFormation - a kind of compiler.

The introductory session of re:Invent 2018:

Since I found some free time during the re:Invent, I have played around with this new software development framework - and the result is the following snippet. Here I create a very simple API with only one method implemented by a Lambda function that has permissions on a DynamoDB table. A very common scenario.

AWS CDK makes a very good impression and I am looking forward to further development. The api reference and the introductory tutorial helped me a lot while trying out CDK.